Toothy grin

I love this picture. For one reason in particular. Eli has kind of a crooked smile. A little backround: In the mouth there is something called the midline. It is an imaginary line between the two front teeth on top, and between the two front teeth on the bottom . It is supposed to line up, but you can see in the picture that when Eli smiles his jaw moves to the side so the bottom teeth are to the left of the top tooth, not directly below. Maybe it’s because I look at teeth all the time that I notice, or maybe I would notice anyway. But it’s adorable to me. (You can see it best if you click on the picture and make it larger.)

3 thoughts on “Toothy grin

  1. Ahh what a cutey! I love it when Eli gets those big smiles. I must say Jo, I may never smile the same around you again knowing what you’re looking at:)


  2. What a sweet baby! It was so fun to have you here yesterday, even if we did freeze!The heating guy actually came around 3:30 and fixed it within 10 minutes. I am with Laura-now I will be so nervous about smiling around you now!jklet’s scrapbook again sometime!


  3. Hey wait a minute… Did Wendy say you two scrapbooked yesterday. JEALOUS. Of course I can’t have the best of both worlds– Husband/scrapbooking. Eli is adorable. He has grown up it seems so very fast. I love the crooked smile too. What a cutie!


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