My New Favorite Place

I should have gone on a mission to a third world country, because I am a completely commercialized American. Maybe if I could see the way people live in other countries I wouldn’t care so much about material possessions, but nonetheless, I do. I am a consumer through and through. So while I was in Utah this weekend we made a visit to the IKEA in Draper. It was a blue and yellow paradise! Any piece of furniture you could imagine, and hundreds more you couldn’t, were there. It is an immense warehouse filled with “room” displays that make you want want want want! I felt like the little girl on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But what was so delightful about this gigantic world full of household items was the low cost of these domestic treasures. Unfortunately I had very little time and money, and so I didn’t make any purchases worthy of a picture on the blog. But I have grand plans of returning to the wonderful home decor heaven. I did get some small practical things like a stool for Cameron’s bathroom, some kids dishes, some decorative mirrors, some simple white picture frames, and a cute hanging storage “thing” for the playroom. (All this for less than $30!)
I should say, that despite this weakness of mine, I do believe that material things don’t really matter. I fight the urge to “keep up with the Jones’s”. I constantly try not to let myself be jealous of other people’s nice houses. But sometimes, it’s just so fun to shop!

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