Bryan’s Wedding

My older brother Bryan and his wife Brittany were married last weekend in Utah. It was great, everything about it was great. Great weather (for January) great company (love my new sister-in-law and her family) great food (brunch at Magelby’s and homemade soup at the reception) and a really great sealing in the Timpanogos Temple. (Don’t think I spelled that right.)

Here is Eli at the reception being very cooperative while I try to take his picture. That is just his nature.
Here is Cameron not being cooperative. He is about to hit Eli because he wants the chair.
So he gets his very own chair and now he is being slightly more cooperative but not really. At last he give me a decent smile and pose.

Here’s our whole gang.
This picture definitely requires explanation. This was Brittany’s garter that for some reason all the single men refused to catch so Eli ended up with it by default. Brittany pointed out that it isn’t a garter at all, it is just a cute little headband for a baby girl. We thought it was a good photo-op since Eli ended up with it. Richard wasn’t too impressed.

3 thoughts on “Bryan’s Wedding

  1. Your boys looks so great in their matching striped shirts. And I love the “headband” He he he. That is so funny.So, when you were at my house, I forgot to give you your stamp set your ordered. Sorry. I will try and get it to you soon.


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