Tagged Again!

10 Years Ago:
I was a sophomore at Capital High School. I had a boyfriend named Micah and this time of year I was going skiing for my first time. I had moved back to Boise from Fairfax Viriginia and I spent lots of time talking to my friends back east on AOL. Instant messenger was just taking off.
On My To-Do List:
Short-term:Find babysitters for a CEU course I have to go to for work. Wash the van. Send thank-you cards for the babysitters I had while I was in Seattle. Make cards for card club.
Long-term: Paint my bedroom. Make curtains for my bedroom and the kitchen. (This is a problem because I have no sewing machine.)
5 places that I’ve lived: Provo, UT (for three months after I was born)
Boise, ID
Fairfax, VA
Pocatello, ID
Kuna, ID
5 jobs I have had:
Dairy Queen (Just your basic run-of-the-mill blizzard maker.)
Clearwater Research (Phone surveys about health insurance.)
Roaring Springs (Revenue Supervisor, 4 summers during college)
Early Learning Center (Daycare at ISU)
Bay Pointe Dental (Where I currently work as a hygienist.)
What I would do if I became a billionaire:
Have babies and travel. (The selfish answer)
Start some foundation to solve some major world problem like illiteracy, violence or hunger. (Unselfish answer) Maybe I could do both.
Bad habits:
Forgetting about the laundry. I constantly drive Richard crazy by taking clothes out of the dryer at 11:00 at night right as he is getting into bed and asking him to help me fold them.
I also ruin a perfectly good story by asking the story-teller totally irrelevent questions about details of the story.
Things I enjoy:
I love to ski, especially at night. I like to scrapbook. I love to think about ways to decorate my house but I never execute them. I love being around people and I like to play games. I love watching my kids try/see something for the first time and really like it. I also love dessert.
Things people don’t know about me:
I have a problem with guilt. I feel guilty about things I shouldn’t feel guilty about. Last night Richard was doing our taxes and after all the deductions it turned out all we paid in federal income tax was $268. I felt bad about it. I felt bad that all we had contributed to the government was $268. That didn’t seem to cover all the things the government does for us. Roads, schools, libraries, military etc. But he reassured me that through other taxes (social security, sales tax, property tax, state income tax) we were doing our part. I also worry excessively about hurting people’s feelings. I’m always getting an eye-roll from Richard about some ridiculous thing I am feeling guilty about.

Okay I’ll tag Krista and Jodi. Laura you need to get a blog so I can tag you!

6 thoughts on “Tagged Again!

  1. Those were awesome. I agree with Wendy– you always are dressed cute. Of course that was always in night time comfort but it was still cute. And I am with you on the goodies. If it weren’t for my husband we’d have way more junk in my house. http://themildensteins.blogspot.com/ is the site that then links to a photographer name Sheye Rosemeyer. That is where you will find the blog I was referring to.


  2. That was great. I have a sewing machine you can use. I hardly ever get it out but it works great. I didn’t know about the guilt thing. That’s kind of funny. Thanks for answering those!


  3. You crack me up, I thought all your answers were hilarious. Are you seriously sorry about only paying that little in taxes, I am just the opposite, how about all those lamos who dont get jobs, dont pay for their own ins, dont pay taxes and get like 10 grand back for some odd reason. Eric and I complain constantly about the welfare system and how busted up it is, we hate working to pay for someone else who wont work (difference in cant work). Now that is something that i should feel guilty about. I should make myself more clear, we dont mind helping those who help themselves, but cant stand all the lazy idiots who get everything for free, while we get huge chunks of money taken out of our checks every paycheck. Ok thats my soap box for the day.


  4. I think you’re referring to me when you say I should get a blog, but I don’t have kids! Nobody’s going to go to mine when there are no kids:) haha


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