The Haircut disaster

The other day I cut Cameron’s hair, or at least I tried to. I thought I was finished, and Cameron was sure he was finished standing on the chair. So I let him go. But the more I looked at his haircut the more I thought I needed to fix it. So I made him come back and starting to cut again. But oops! I forgot to put the gaurd on the clippers so it was VERY short. Anyway, he essentially got a buzz that day. And he wasn’t very happy about it. (Mostly he wasn’t happy about how it took me sooooo long to cut his hair.)

7 thoughts on “The Haircut disaster

  1. I had the exact same experience as Cameron when I was little. There’s a picture of our family where I look really angry because my hair is buzzed so short. But, you’ll be happy to know that I have suffered no ill effects from the incident. This is a good time to practice cutting hair so that you can become a pro for when he gets older.


  2. That is so funny. But it looks good on him I think! Gary always cuts my boys hair, and it is a miserable experience EVERY time! They HATE getting hair all over them and they cry and get so mad EVERY time. And to make it worse, their hair grows sooo fast. Tell Cameron I love his hair!


  3. Those pictures made me laugh! Good thing little boys look good in buzz cuts. I always thought boy hair would be so much easier than girl hair to cut after doing Katie’s, but Jace moves around so much and his little hairs get everywhere and I have to cut it more often. Anyway, it was good to hear from you. I’m glad we found each other’s blogs!


  4. Your kids are so cute, I like the buzz! My mind is so scattered lately so I don’t remember if I got back to ya..but these things are pretty addicting, they are my new best friend, ok I wouldn’t go that far! It’s good to “see” you on here!


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