Eli is One Year Old!

Eli’s birthday was on March 30th. Cameron’s was April 1st so I am all partied out. (I said I wanted my kids two years apart, and we just about got it spot on.) Cameron’s birthday pictures coming soon.
Eli enjoyed opening his presents. You can see that Cameron could hardly stand by without stepping in and helping.

I think for Eli the highlight of his birthday was this pear. He was sitting on Lori’s lap and while she wasn’t looking he grabbed it and took a bite. I thought, what the heck it’s his birthday. He ate almost the entire pear except the hard part in the middle where the seeds are. It blew us away.
Some of the birthday guests. (Right to left, Lori her husband Sean, Bryan and his wife Brittany. Are we on Brit level yet Brittany?) We had a lot of fun celebrating Eli’s birthday, but we had more fun when he went to bed and we played Guesstures. I wish I had pictures of that…
Eli diggin’ into his cake. He’s such a happy kid. And especially happy when he’s eating. He had a little help from Cameron blowing out his candles. I have a feeling this will be the pattern for many birthdays to come. Big brother helping little brother.

5 thoughts on “Eli is One Year Old!

  1. Hi Jo and Richard- Long time no see 🙂 I was just looking at different blogs and stumbled upon yours. How are you doing? Cameron is so cute I still remember babysitting him, and now you have another he is very cute too! Are you guys in Boise still? Well just thought I’d say hi!-Danielle


  2. Happy birthday boys!! That is crazy that their birthdays are so close I had no idea. I am super sorry about this weekend, we are total slackers. I hope that we can work something out this week. have a good one. Take Care.


  3. I love all your pictures, especially the picture of Sean, Lori, Bryan and me. That was such a fun night and I think after the Guesstures game we are definitely on the nickname level!


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