Cameron Turns THREE!

Some of our lovely guests; Julie (Baca Bird), Suzanne and Jess.
We don’t get many pictures of the four of us. Thank you Laura for taking all the pictures! It was so nice for me to just enjoy and watch without feeling the obligations of the camera.

For breakfast on his birthday I made chocolate chip pancakes for Cameron. But he is such a creature of habit (just like his Dad) that he insisted on eating plain old oatmeal like he does every other morning. I guess I can’t complain about that. A child who would rather eat oatmeal than chocolate chip pancakes?

Eli on the other hand devoured the pancakes.

I took this picture for the electronic invitations to their respective birthday parties.
For those who don’t already know, Cameron has always referred to his Grandma as “Baca”. (Yes we all know what that means in Spanish.) I’m not sure how it got started but he has Baca Hall and Baca Bird. In the afternoon on his birthday Baca Hall brought by a present for him. It was a dozen little horses that he loves. I’ll have to get a picture later of the horses and of him riding his scooter from Baca Bird. Baca Hall.
I have never attempted to decorate a birthday cake before. So cut me some slack. It was a lot harder than it looked. But Cameron appreciated it. He even made me race the cars with him after we sang Happy Birthday.
The spiderman scooter from the Bird’s. Cameron is still mastering the skill of riding it but he sure has fun.

8 thoughts on “Cameron Turns THREE!

  1. It just doesnt seem real that our babies should be 3 years old. I remember you calling me and i was like WHATEVER April’s Fool. And you were like “no really I had my baby!” Anyways happy b-day Cameron and to Eli! Cant wait to see you guys hopefully we will see you next friday!


  2. I can’t believe how big your boys are getting. I ditto what MKB said about Jessica. It must be a long time since I’ve been back to the good ol 15t ward. Tell Julie and the Bird family hello from me.I finally updated my blog!


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