Pictures of late

This is my brother Evan on the day he went to the temple. He is leaving on a mission to Athens Greece in June. Sharp lookin’ kid!
Here is the fam. (Missing: My little brother Darren, Adri’s husband Will and son Charlie, and Cameron.) Love the expressions Brit and Dad! Here is Eli and the dozen horses that I mentioned that Cameron got for his birthday. It is so funny the things kids think of. Eli loaded all the horses into the school bus and took ’em for a ride!
One day while Eli was napping and Cameron was supposed to be napping he went crazy in his bedroom. He took all the diapers out of the baskets, all the books off the shelf, and all the clothes out of the dresser and put it all in the crib. Needless to say when I came upon the situation Eli was no longer sleeping (being covered in clothes, diapers and books) and Cameron was looking mighty guilty. I took everything out of the crib and put in on the floor and told Cameron to clean it up. This picture was taken when about half of the things had been cleaned up. He was obviously worn out and decided (finally) to take a nap. Oh I love the kid but I was not happy. Finding him asleep on the floor softened my heart though, and I helped him clean up the rest.
This one is for you Wendy! Thanks for the hand-me-downs. I love this sweatshirt and think of your boys every time Cameron wears it.

4 thoughts on “Pictures of late

  1. Oh my goodness. All those pictures bring back memories! He looks so sad on that one of him laying on the pilllow. And I love the sweatshirt picture. My boys wore that a lot, and even after it didn’t really fit anymore, I kept putting it on because it was so cute. Cameron looks great in it!


  2. I finally found you! I kept meaning to get the address from Wendy. Your blog is so great. I love seeing your fun life and cute family. (I already knew they were cute.) I’ll be a regular from here on out!


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