Getting personal

My older brother Bryan has left for Iraq. I have done my best to show compassion and understanding to those whose family members were serving in Iraq but now that it’s my own brother I realize that I never really understood their sacrifice. He is an attorney in the Air Force and his tour will be only 6 months in the Green Zone. Nonetheless, after I got off the phone with him the other night I felt the burden of worry settle over me.
The only reason I feel okay about putting this on my usually light-hearted blog is because of the way he has accepted his responsibility and because of his attitude about patriotism and service. I love and admire him very much. I am sure all those who have been where I am, or where my sister-in-law is, know the anguish. But my heart is filled with gratitude for all the hundreds of thousands of men and women who are so selfless. I honor the heroes over seas and also the American heroes at home who make the best of life without their husband or wife.

7 thoughts on “Getting personal

  1. I can’t even imagine that is such a sacrifice! I decided that I need to read your blog more. Tonight was my night to sit and do nothing so I decided to catch up peoples lives! I loved reading about Richard and Neil Diamond!! So much fun. We need to play games sometime soon! I feel like we haven’t chatted in a long time. Talk to you soon. Kim


  2. It can all seem so faraway and impersonal until you know someone who is there, or someone who is waiting for their loved one to come home. I am always amazed at the level of courage and devotion these people have, including those who are at home and waiting. It is so very self-less, and that is rare in our society. I hope it goes fast for your brother and his wife.


  3. I had no idea that Bryan is there. He will become part of our prayers and fasts. We think so fondly of the “Hall Gang” and will keep reading to get the updates on Bryan and Evan. When is Evan’s farewell, even tho they aren’t called that anymore!!


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