Church Boys

Sometimes I see all the adorable little girls out there and think how much fun they are! But when I can put matching ties on my little guys for church my cup runneth over. (Silly thing to feel so much joy over?)

8 thoughts on “Church Boys

  1. I love little boys in white shirts and ties! Your boys are so dang good looking! They have those killer eyes- that just means trouble later! I love the pic of Cameron and his pose!!


  2. What cute boys. I have to agree about how much fun it is to put man clothes on little boys. Jake, now 3 months old, has been sporting a tie for church for the past few weeks and I love it!


  3. I am with you, Jo. There is nothing sweeter than my boys in their Sunday clothes. Now, if I could only get them to be sweet IN their Sunday clothes . . . that would be great.


  4. Little boys in shirts and ties are just as cute as little girls in Sunday dresses. I can’t wait to dress Jace up in shirt and tie. They look like little men! So cute!


  5. I remember feeling the same way! They look adorable! Also, I will keep Bryan in my prayers, John has a cousin on his second tour right now, he is with Army Intelligence, with a wife and 5 kids at home, he approaches it the same way. I will never hear the National Anthem or look at him the same again.


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