Why do we blog?

Okay so for anyone who hasn’t visited this blog http://www.seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com/ you should check it out. (Thanks Jensie and BTW can someone fill me in on how to make a link without typing the address?) Anyway Richard and I got some good hearty laughs from reading through old posts. Oh and it’s a satire, it took me a few minutes to catch on to that…

So it made me think… am I an insecure Mormon Mommy who blog-brags? I was so sure that I wasn’t. I usually question my motives before posting things and justify by thinking “it’s for family” or “it’s my journal” yeah yeah yeah. Well on Wednesday I posted pics from our 4th of July. We left to go camping for a few days and I was sure when I returned there would be loads of comments! And what did I find? One comment. (Thanks Wendy.) I was so disappointed. (That should be my first clue about my self-worth…letting it hang on comments). I know all my fellow bloggers are addicted just like I am and use our google reader to keep constant tabs on each other’s posts. So I know you’ve been reading… If you don’t use google reader you need a friend like Stephanie to enlighten you. Now I only spend 4 hours blogging instead of 5. (Yes Dad I am exaggerating.)

Conclusion is: I have issues. Blog issues. Time for a hiatus. But first I just have to post one more thing…see above.

5 thoughts on “Why do we blog?

  1. SO TRUE. That totally cracks me up, Jo. I am the same way with comments: if there aren’t any comments, I am a little disappointed. If there are lots, I feel so good about giving everyone something to talk about. I will go read that blog and figure out if I am an insecure Mormon Mommy who blog brags. I probably am.But I LOVE reading your blog-so don’t stop now! Are you coming to scrapbook this week?


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