I know these things happen…

but do they have to happen 26 miles away from civilization? We were camping at Warm Lake this weekend and Eli took a tumble. He split his forehead open on the edge of the metal fire pit. Before we got to the ER in Cascade the last thing on my mind was taking pictures. But once he was all fixed up I wished I’d had a before shot. Thank Heaven for derma-bond. No stitches just superglue–medical grade I am told. Of course I am biased but I think he was a trooper. Richard and I decided that with two boys it was bound to happen. I’ve heard that a woman once said that her children never had broken bones and stitches because “you can’t really get hurt tripping on a joystick.” But who wants to live that way anyway? But I think I handled it quite well. Richard says I cried more when he split his lip open on our last camping trip than I did this time. Maybe it’s time to take a break from camping… for Eli’s well-being.

9 thoughts on “I know these things happen…

  1. Poor little guy. And poor Mom! Those things are so stressful, especially when you are so far from home! It looks like he is handling it pretty well. I had a nurse at an ER tell me once that I was so calm and collected (Ethan was there to get stitches in his head). I told her that I had been to the ER many times. She looked at me and said that she had 5 kids and had NEVER been to the ER. Hmmm. Am I a bad mom??? No, I just have very busy boys. 🙂


  2. That is sad, but funny, because my boys are already wrestling and beating each other up and they are knocked around by their cousins as well. They act so tuff, but I am waiting for something like that to happen to one of them, it’s bound to happen sometime!


  3. Oh shoot! Poor little Eli. That makes me sick. I cant stand it when my kids get hurt, I cry too! Yeah I have been a little jealous, on how much camping you have been doing, it looks like so much fun, I am glad that you are enjoying the great outdoors!


  4. It looks like when we get to Boise we’ll have to go camping! Poor Eli, what a trooper he is though. I can’t believe how he’s just smiling away in that picture. I pray we have kids like that!


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