Back So Soon

Okay after a brief hiatus I am back. Everyone did such a nice job of flattering me about my blog that I couldn’t stay away. Although this did nothing for my blog issues. In fact, the thing that brought me back is a post that requires comments. So here we go!

I saw this first on my friend Natalie’s blog and it sent me down memory lane, which is a journey that a sentimental person like me is always willing to make. Since then I have enjoyed the lanes of other friendships on other blogs, leaving behind my memories. So please participate. I’m really looking forward to this so don’t disappoint. πŸ™‚

(If I haven’t guilted you into comments yet then this ought to work.)

If you can remember your first memory (or any memory ) of yourself and me, or you and Richard … post it as a comment – if you comment, consider yourself tagged, then put this same post on your blog and the game continues…

11 thoughts on “Back So Soon

  1. So maybe these are bad things to bring up, but my first memory of Jo and when you were dating Franco. We had some good fun during our college days when you used to come and stay with me. My memory of Richard is just that Lacey was obsessed with him and had a “Richard Box” of things that reminded her of him…sorry if she reads this! πŸ™‚


  2. Hahaha…the last comment…I remember franco days. most of mine revolve around Nicole V., lunches, and bowling though!!! Ahhh, the carefree days of High School! πŸ™‚


  3. Like I told you I couldnt remember the first time I met you, other than I thought you were probably a high school drop out at 12, and got your GED with in days and than headed to college. NO I am kidding, you look young, that is a good thing, I miss all the fun days we had, honestly the premarital talks with Kari, Applebees,playing Cranium and eating artichoke dip(seeing “Captain Moroni-(your nickname for richard) really get into it. I remember spending more time with you after hygiene than anyone else because we traded kids, I miss Cameron, I always still think of him as the little baby, and than he’s 3. Sorry that some of my memories are really foggy and blocked out, you gotta block hygiene school somehow! Oh and I will forever remember your great critical thinking skills, and you are the best writer in the world!


  4. My first memory of you Jo, is also that waterskiing trip. I remember watching you and Richard goofing around in the water together and thinking how adorable you were together. Was that really just your second date?! I remember us laughing so hard at Glen cannon-balling off the boat. I didn’t remember that you ate most of the marshmallows!My first memories of Richard are of us sitting next to each other in Mrs. Larsen’s computer applications class in high school. We tolerated that boring class together, but by the end of the semester I looked forward to it because Richard made it so fun!


  5. Oh, and because Brock will probably not comment I have to share one more. Brock and Richard called their waterskiis “Betty” for some reason. It was some inside joke between them (that I still don’t know the meaning behind!), but everyone gave me a hard time when Brock wrote as his senior quote “I love you Betty!” They thought he was referring to me, when in fact he was just expressing his positive feelings toward his ski. πŸ™‚


  6. My first memory of you, Jo, was when we were waterskiing, and trying to do the six-ski. I remember thinking how brave you were to try such a crazy thing with such a crazy family!


  7. My memory of you Jo is your reception with the yummiest lemonade in the world. They were in these fat cylinders with ribbons around them and cards saying what kind they were. I kept going back and back until I was super sick. That got you off to a good start in my book. (not the sick part) Anyone with Lemonade and bows is top on my list!


  8. I think the first time I remember seeing you was at christmas time and you were giving a christmas lesson in relief society and you were talking about mary being pregnant and giving birth to jesus in a stable. I just remember looking at you and you were cute and pregnant too. and I can’t remember exactly what you were saying but that we were both crying:) I just remember coming away from the lesson thinking I want to become friends with her. you are too cute jo and i love ya!xoxo


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