You’ll never believe it!

First let me say this:
(Would it be me if I didn’t have a preface for my post?) Lest anyone call me vain, there are two reasons I did this. The first is that Krista did it and I really enjoyed reading it. But in hindsight I realize that I am not as mysterious as Krista. Oh well, the second reason is that I really enjoyed thinking of these things. I will print it off and save it for posterity.
Oh- one more! I was really curious how many of these things would be news to Richard. And since he is on the road again he looks forward to blog posts.
101 Things about Jo
1. I was born in a bathroom. Delivered by my dad.
2. My favorite place to visit is San Diego.
3. But if I could go anywhere I’d go to Italy.
4. In 8th grade I wanted to be a cheerleader more than anything.
5. My favorite color has been orange for as long as I can remember.
6. All my grandparents passed away by the time I was 12.
7. In another life I would love to be a teacher. I really admire teachers.
8. If I could choose two things to be really good at I would choose ballet and photography.
9. I played the clarinet for seven years, from 5th grade through my senior year.
10. I frequently forget to feed my dog. Let me re-phrase, my dog gets two meals a day but they
are at different times each day. Poor thing.
11. I have a generic shopping list that I print before each shopping trip and check the items I need. It is organized according to the layout of Winco. I hate it when they rearrange.
12. In high school I was an intern for Senator Mike Crapo.
13. I love babies.
14. In yester-years I was a thrill seeker. I loved bridge jumping, dirt biking, skiing, and the climax was doing a 250 foot freefall at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. A couple years ago I did the rides at the top of the Stratosphere and found myself relishing the adrenaline once again.
15. I did 4-H for two years, sewing and cooking.
16. I always wanted to name my son Destry.
17. I am a dental hygienist.
18. I hate rejection. I could never do sales.
19. The first cassette tape I owned was Paula Abdul.
20. I love swimming at night in the summertime.
21. I went to three different high schools.
22. When I was ten and he was five we adopted my brother Darren from Thailand. During the
first few weeks when he was used to waking up very early he would come get in my bed with me.
23. I have no gallbladder and no appendix.
24. I used to always say I only wanted boys. Although I no longer feel that way it looks as
though I may have jinxed myself.
25. I have a love-hate relationship with jogging.
26. I am CPR certified.
27. I have two sisters and three brothers.
28. After watching “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” frequently when I was young I was
determined to be married in June.
29. I am told on a weekly basis that I look like I am 16 years old.
30. My favorite way to wear my hair when it was long enough was in two French braids.
31. I love the fountains at the Bellagio.
32. My name used to overlap- JOANNELIZABETHALL. Boy I thought that was cool.
33. After going to a summer music camp when I was about 11 I had a big crush on one of the
counselors. We would write letters. He was probably 20-ish, that seems a little strange now…
34. I am somewhat intrigued by birth order.
35. Abraham Lincoln is probably the man I most admire. (Secularly speaking.)
36. Celebrity crushes? Dean Cain and Matthew McConaughey (Both from way back when “New
Adventures of Lois and Clark” and “Ed” where their big hits.)
37. All-time favorite song “With or Without You” by U2.
38. All-time favorite book “Les Miserables”.
39. I am a victim of serial extraction.
40. I would love to ride in a limo.
41. I love the BBC. (British Broadcasting Corporation.)
42. Richard and I played on an intramural flag football team in college.
43. I love baseball games in the spring, but not on TV.
44. I have visited Washington D.C. five or six times.
45. In elementary school it was a real treat for me to have “hot lunch”. I loved it when my dad
would come eat lunch with me at school.
46. I love board games and give them as wedding gifts.
47. I love to snow ski and water-ski.
48. My favorite classes in college were Political Science and Anatomy & Physiology.
49. I worked at Roaring Springs Water Park for four summers.
50. I don’t like Wal-Mart.
51. I had a missionary and it wasn’t Richard.
52. After four years of reading text books it took me awhile but now I love to read.
53. I love avocados.
54. My boys and I frequently dance in the kitchen.
55. Felicity was my favorite TV series.
56. I have a really hard time saying ‘No’ to people. It has caused me much grief.
57. I like having a vegetable garden.
58. I am related to Daniel Boone.
59. Richard and I will sometimes eat a bowl of popcorn every night.
60. I didn’t have my own room until I was a senior in high school.
61. In 4th grade Tony Fratto brought me a heart shaped balloon to school. I told him I would “go
out with him” if he didn’t swear for two weeks. It didn’t work out.
62. I really want to learn to speak Spanish.
63. I like Sudoku.
64. My roommate took me on a cattle drive.
65. As a child I collected many things; postcards, keychains, dried glue from my mom’s glue
gun. (Bizarre.)
66. The best Christmas present I ever got, if measured by hours spent with it, was a dollhouse.
67. I’ve always wanted to try a hot air balloon and a zip-line.
68. I’ve lived here two years and my mailbox still says “Hennis”.
69. I have terrible handwriting.
70. I love to travel.
71. I used to drink plain pickle juice.
72. During high school my favorite band was Reel Big Fish.
73. My feelings are easily hurt, making me constantly worried about hurting other’s feelings.
74. I’m not usually a get-there-fast girl, I prefer the scenic route.
75. I am an alto.
76. My favorite patients at work are the old men who give me compliments and wisdom in
77. I have been to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Mexico and Canada.
78. I have seen Mt. Rushmore, Niagara Falls, the French Quarter, the Badlands, countless
monuments, historical sights and battlefields. But my favorite stop on our cross-country
journey? The CORN PALACE!
79. On my tourist travel to-do: the Grand Canyon, the Alamo and the Statue of Liberty.
80. I hate make-up.
81. I once fell asleep while driving on the freeway between Pocatello and Rexburg.
82. In the fall Richard and I love to watch college football games together.
83. I blush easily.
84. My parents gave me my favorite cereal when I got good grades.
85. I could also earn points for a shopping spree by reading books.
86. In my first two years of college I only had one B. (Microbiology.) The second two years,
different story.
87. I played the crash cymbals in marching band. I really shined during the national anthem.
88. I have metal screws in my foot.
89. I really miss old friends.
90. And I wish I kept in touch with people better.
91. In 2nd grade everyone put their lunch-boxes in a shopping cart and it was my job to push
the shopping cart back to class.
92. I’ve given up on TV and rely on the internet and podcasts for my electronic entertainment.
93. I drove a silver Mazda pick-up named “Grey Wolf” in high school.
94. When I was 15 I lived in Fairfax, VA for ten months.
95. I once won a pie eating contest at the Western Idaho Fair.
96. I love finding new music.
97. If I really got behind a cause it would be drunk driving. (Against it of course.)
98. I’m striving to be totally apathetic to celebrity gossip.
99. I have a terrible habit of forgetting about the laundry.
100. Both of my boys were born exactly two weeks early.
101. I hate leaving projects unfinished.

This was quite time consuming and I don’t recommend neglecting any crucial tasks to complete it. But I found it rewarding nonetheless. So, take your time and go to it!

8 thoughts on “You’ll never believe it!

  1. Jo, I am so glad you did this. I just knew you’d be interesting and you didn’t disappoint. I had to take notes as I went along, so I could get all my thoughts in. Here goes….your old name overlapping had me fascinated!! Really, not a Wal-Mart fan? I love your generic Winco list – that is a genius idea! I love avocados, too. Collecting dried glue from your mom’s glue gun? I laughed out laoud when I read that! And finally, I totally diasagree about your handwriting!! I’ll catch a glimpse of it as you take notes at our presidency meetings and I think to myself how nice and neat it is! Great list!


  2. Hi Jo,I thought that maybe I was less intelligent when I didn’t understand #39, but after I googled it I was happy to learn that it wasn’t a term of general knowledge. Did you know that Laura still has one of her baby teeth? Weird, huh?


  3. That was so fun to read! You should get that Alamo trip done while you have such cool relatives to show you around! I was so sad I didn’t get to see you while we were in Boise…maybe next time.


  4. I too had to look up serial extraction, and now I don’t feel so bad knowing that Ben did the same. What a great list of things about you! I do know what to get you for a present though…your name on your mailbox:)


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