Catch-up Part I

Alright, enough of the narcissism. I’ll blog about the boys for Grandma’s sake. Here are a few random pictures and stories over the last couple months that never made it to the blog.

The first few days of potty training were rough. Then next few weeks were great. Since then we have had ups and downs, a few relapses but these last couple weeks I am feeling a little bit comfortable again. Once Cameron learned that accidents weren’t good he would try to hide them from us. One day he left for a few minutes and came back wearing Eli’s shorts. He couldn’t reach the drawers that contain his clothes so he settled for Eli’s. He thought he was sooo sneaky. Richard and I were quite amused. Sadly though, in the picture the shorts don’t look that small…don’t know what to make of that.

I’m not sure what I love most about this picture; the smile, the sunglasses or the jammies. I love jammies.
These are the neighbors Tyler and Aubrey. Cameron and Aubrey are great buddies. It’s so fun that he is to an age where he has little friends that come knock on the door to see if he can play. He calls popsicles, pop-ska-boes.
The quality of the picture isn’t that great but these boys were watching a movie together and I’ve never seen them all three sit still for so long! (The one on the left is Carter, we were watching him for the evening.)
Eli vs. White-out
He was getting quite frustrated by the time I discovered him. I wasn’t too angry, one of those moments where you think it’s funny as much as anything.

6 thoughts on “Catch-up Part I

  1. so cute! I just love these pictures. You have to laugh, or u could really cry your eyes out! I cant remember if I posted on your 101 things, but I found it very interesting and was saying “me too!” alot. I loved it, keep these post coming!


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