Catch-up Part II

Both of the boys love the splash park in Meridian. Last summer it took Cameron a little while to really love it, and Eli was the same way this summer. He was a little hesitant at first but then he really got his feet wet!
Cameron loves “BOE-LIN!” We went a couple months ago for Richard’s office party and Cameron had such a good time he’s been asking to go ever since. (By the way I scored 111! Three strikes! Great for me, I rarely break 100.)

This time the lane didn’t have as much grease or slope or something because occasionally Cameron wouldn’t push the ball hard enough to make it to the pins and an employee would have to come give it some extra help. Cameron would send it on its way and it would take so long that he would run back to the step and sit down to watch how many “points” he got. Last week some time Cameron realized he was strong enough to open the refrigerator after all. (I’m not sure how I managed to keep that a secret for so long.) Well you know what it means when the kids are quiet. Trouble. Sure enough Cameron had snagged the bag of cherries my parents brought us from Oregon. They were sure enjoying themselves.
Cameron knows that cherries have what he calls “nuts” in the middle and that you aren’t supposed to eat them. So he made a careful pile on the table. Eli on the other hand hadn’t been enlightened about cherry pits so you can imagine what populated his diaper the next morning. I’m just glad he didn’t choke on them. (I can’t believe I am talking about the contents of my child’s diaper on the internet…Hopefully it elicited a laugh or two, then it was worth it.)

2 thoughts on “Catch-up Part II

  1. That is too dang cute! I love when you come upon a mess like that from the kids! At least it’s not lipstick or poop all over the wall! You kids are the cutest! Don’t you love when kids try and bowl? Good pics mom!


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