Any Takers?

A long time ago I borrowed the original Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants from my sister. Months went by and I never watched it. I kept saving it for a night when Richard was out of town but there were just too many other movies or something. Anyway, I saw the other day that there is a sequel coming out, so after a rough and lonely evening tonight I needed something girly. Sure enough it did the trick! I cried multiple times (like I said, one of those evenings) and loved it. So what did I do when it was over? What anyone else would do of course! I got on the internet and watched the trailer for the next movie. (I might have even watched it more than once…) Anyway, I’m sure Richard isn’t going to be interested so anyone else who wants a GNO let me know! It comes out August 6th.

5 thoughts on “Any Takers?

  1. I’ve never seen it, but I’ve seen the trailer for the 2nd show a lot on previews. I’ve heard they’re really good, so maybe I’ll join you on a GNO. On a side note, you must have gotten your computer fixed, yeah!


  2. I owe you dinner so lets do it and the movie! I love the first and the second is sure to be great. I was at Costco… BY MYSELF the other day (rare) and started browsing through the books and saw that there are like 3 books in the series! I was so tempted to buy all three right then and there, but resisted since the last time I read a novel was when Naomi was a new born and we were living with my in-laws so I actually had time to read…anyway, we need to get together so I can reconcile by debt!


  3. I definitely want to see that. Especially since it has the girl from Gilmore Girls:) I watched the first one so long ago that I should probably see it again before the 2nd!


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