A friend of mine posted about this and I thought it was brilliant. She got her inspiration from this blog: http://www.unphotographable.com/ This guy is actually a photographer but once in awhile for whatever reason (forgot his camera, picture taking wouldn’t be appropriate) he doesn’t snap or shoot. Last night I totally had an unphotographable moment. Firstly because I forgot my camera, but doing so gave me the chance to enjoy the moment wholly without capturing it digitally. They say a picture says a thousand words, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

The pictures I didn’t take…

were of my family and friends sitting on blankets on a grassy field anticipating the Kuna Days fireworks. Richard keeps a wary eye on the impending sprinklers to our right, prepared to jump the moment they spring up from the grass and threaten to impair our enjoyment. At last bright lights and a loud bang bring us all to attention and send Eli in his best sprint to Richard’s lap for safety. The show begins and the children are captivated. I am captivated by the colorful display. Everyone aahhs at infernal fireballs that mushroom up into the sky, purple, blue and orange. The brightness from the lights makes the cheeks of my boys shine and I can see perfectly the intensity on their curious faces even in the darkness of the night. Periodically Cameron tries to describe to me the excitement he feels while watching the show and I try to hush him and redirect him back to the fireworks. After an awesome display of colors and sparkles we think the show is finished only for it to continue on, mesmerizing its viewers until the last explosions and flares have blinded and deafened us. Cameron’s cheers bring smiles and laughs as we appreciate his appreciation.

Way to go Kuna! Pretty good fireworks for a town who sends around a man before the show with a brown paper bag to collect contributions. (At least that is what he said he was doing…)

5 thoughts on “Unphotographable

  1. You know Jo, you don’t even need pictures with your blog. Your journaling is descriptive and full of detail. You could be a payed writer. I don’t suppose you want to write any of my papers once school starts up? (I’m kidding of course!) 😉


  2. Hmmm….I’m not sure I can get into the whole not photographing thing, but I agree…with words like yours, you don’t need pictures!! The fireworks were great – I was impressed!


  3. That is a great way to capture a moment. I will have to try it the next time I forget my camera. They were really good fireworks. I seem to forget about them every year until I hear them, then we have to settle with watching them out the girls’ bedroom.


  4. JoJo:Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and for stopping by for a visit. I’m so glad you liked Lars — isn’t it just about the sweetest movie ever? And, because I do think you know my taste in books, I wanted to confirm that I did read Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and yes, I liked it alot. As a matter of fact, my friend Heather (who lives in Nampa, ID) and started this whole Go Local Eating (Summer 2008) got her inspiration from Kingsolver and her family. It’s been a great challenge. If you feel like getting in on the fun, it’s not too late. Cheers,Holli


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