Has it really come to this?

I rarely give my phone number to the pesky cashier who is just doing what their employer requires by asking for it. (Sometimes I can see in their face how much they hate asking.) But I must have let down my guard the other day at Deseret Book. I don’t remember giving anyone my phone number but I must have been distracted and assumed it was safe with DB. Boy was I ever wrong! The following is the conversation I had on my cell phone, the best I can recall:

Deseret Book Phone Solicitor: Joanne, may I have a few moments of your time to tell you about a program that we, here at Deseret Book feel very strongly about?
Me: Sure… (Thinking to myself “Is this what I think it is? A sales call from Deseret Book?”)
DBPS: blah blah blah movies these days are poison for our spirits blah blah blah even PG-13 ratings are questionable. . . we need movies that are good for the family to watch. . . do you agree?
Me: Sure…
DBPS: blah blah blah a program where we send you four movies for ONLY $12.99 each blah blah blah we are not a club so you aren’t required to make any purchases thereafter. . . these movies are even made by LDS producers. . . can we count on your support for this program?
Me: Um no. I rarely buy movies, I usually only watch them one time and wouldn’t be interested in this “program.”
DBPS: Oh yes, I completely understand. blah blah blah you could purchase only two of the four movies . . . donate them to a school or family when you were finished blah blah blah By purchasing these movies you are supporting a clean and good movie business . . .Can we count on you to help make the world a better place by participating?
Me: Maybe if I had lots of money I could buy a movie when I wanted to watch it and then donate it to someone. I’m not interested.
DBPS: Yes yes, absolutely I completely agree. BUT you can also do your part by purchasing only one movie! I’m sure we can count on you to contribute just this much to so great a cause!
Me: (By now my charity was waning and my patience had run dry.) Quite frankly I am feeling a little manipulated here, and I guess I didn’t think Deseret Book was in such dire straights that it needed to resort to phone solicitations.
DBPS: (no script to respond to that) Um…. okay have a nice day. Thank you for your time.

I have a lot of other thoughts about this, but I’m more interested in your thoughts. Can anyone make a defense for this business I have patronized as long as I can remember?

11 thoughts on “Has it really come to this?

  1. I got the same call and after MANY tries at politely declining, I finally just told them that I prefer to make my purchases at Seagull Book (well, it’s true!). This solicited yet another response from them, to which I finally hung up on them. I was disappointed in DB too!


  2. You know, I wonder if they consider the negative impact that occurs after deciding to make phone calls like this. Sometimes the positive opinion is worth more than they’ll make selling movies! Maybe it’s the PR in me, but they really should have thought that through.


  3. I HATE sales calls. In fact, I am one of those people that after the first question they ask I say, “I am not interested, thanks” and then hang up before they can respond. Rude? Yes. But I just really do not like when someone tries to sell me something. If I need to purchase something, I will go looking for it! And, to have it be Deseret Book just makes it that much more annoying!


  4. You did better than I would have. I would have said something about how I pay my tithes and offerings and that makes the world a better place. Than the smart alec (sorry I don’t know how to spell that word) in me would have said would you rather have me contribute to YOUR program or continue to pay my tithing? Rude and probably uncalled for DEFINITELY but after being nice so many times gets the worst out of me.


  5. joe you are so funny with your blah blah blah’s. have not got the phone call yet, but if i ever do i won’t be as nice. i would probably hang up in the middle of it all. you are such a nice person to sit there and listen to that. love yalindsey


  6. Love your responses! Honestly what the heck are they thinking? I am NOT a Deseret Book fan. I think they are trying to monopolize the mormon community and sometimes take advantage of them. I’m all for the other LDS bookstores…..take it to ’em jo!


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