A Shoot

To compensate for numerous picture-less posts, I have over-loaded this post with pictures. My friend Krista did a little photo shoot for the boys. I think the pictures are fabulous, but I might be biased because they are my adorable children. It was a bit of a challenge to keep the boys focused, too many rocks to throw, trails to run down and then there were the dogs to watch…

Does anyone remember the book Maniac McGee? That’s who Cameron reminds me of…running running running.

Eli of course, story of his life, always trying to keep up.

Thanks so much Krista!

13 thoughts on “A Shoot

  1. When I saw you at Winco the other day I was with my sister inlaw. She saw Eli in the shopping cart and said to me, “That has got to be the cutest kid ever. He looks like he could be in magazines!” Both your boys are such good looking kids. I just want to squeeze them!


  2. Your boys are so beautiful. I loved the pics. I saw Melissa’s comment and I can tell you she would FOR SURE go with you!She’ll be here sometime late Fall or early winter depending on Michael’s mission call, you should get together! (he’ll have his call in 2 weeks)


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