One more camping trip

My wonderful in-laws (Thank you Gordon and Julie) let us borrow their boat for an overnight trip to Spring Shores at Lucky Peak. Luckily Eli survived this camp-out without injury! Our friends Sean and Kim came with us and even let me beat them in “Oh Heck”. (Very unusual, “I never win games!”) It was Kim’s birthday so we had melted cupcakes and sang to her. Cameron loves to sing the birthday song.

Eli learned how to say “Dees” for the camera and was offering plenty of smiles. The boys found the perfect spot to throw rocks and feed the ducks. Go Kim!
It’s your birthday!
I had to get Richard in here somewhere! He is totally in his element. For those who don’t know, our first date was a disaster. For various reasons we went on a second date, which was waterskiing. That’s how he won my heart.
This life jacket was Richard’s when he was a little guy. In fact on the back is written “Richie Bird” in permanent marker.

I’m really going to miss summer. But today was kind of fall-ish and I can appreciate the coming season. Bring on the bouquets of sharpened pencils!

5 thoughts on “One more camping trip

  1. looks like fun, i am glad that no one was hurt it ruins the whole trip,josi was burned 2nd degree on our 1st camping trip,not fun, richie bird, that is a pretty cute nickname…. we miss him,i agree with u on the whole season thing, i am really sad that summer is going 2 b over but i luv the fall


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