Play Your Heart Out!

That was the theme for the fair this year, so play we did! We started off with gyros in honor of Evan. (I’m sure they are not as good as an authentic Greek gyro but we’ll settle.) I wish I could attend the fair in two installments, once with all four of us, and once with just Richard. It’s hard to do what we want to and what the boys want to but it was fun anyway. Cameron loved the horses of course, Eli not so much. Too big I guess. My long-term blog readers will remember pictures like this from last year… couldn’t pass it up.

We had to take a second mortgage on our house to pay for the rides, but it was worth it. Cameron just grinned the whole time. Our agreement was one ride for me and one for Cameron. But a nice family who had had enough gave us some more tickets so Cameron got to ride a few times.
By the time I rode the swings it was dark so the pictures didn’t turn out. I felt a little ridiculous standing in line with a bunch of tweeners and I may have even sprinted with all the other 11 year old screaming girls to get a swing on the outside. But I loved every minute of it! I love the swings.
Eli was much happier around the smaller animals.
We finished off the night with an elephant ear, that I am pretty sure was Eli’s favorite part of the night. Richard was easy to please with a giant strawberry lemonade. It was good times.

5 thoughts on “Play Your Heart Out!

  1. I’m glad that you got to go to the fair! I agree with you on taking out a mortgage on your house to go and ride rides! What a fun memory for the kids! I love all of the pics!


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