Anecdote Time

Warning: This post makes reference to certain female articles of clothing.

I suppose this conversation happens between mothers and sons all the time, but that didn’t make it any less amusing when it was my turn with Cameron.

The scene: I am folding laundry and Cameron comes in the room. He picks up a bra and the following conversation ensues:

Cameron: What’s this?
Me: Oh, that’s mine.
Cameron: What is it called?
Me: It’s called a bra.
Cameron: When I was a girl I had one of these!
Me: Oh? Hmmm.
(I don’t even know where to BEGIN with that statement.)

He proceeds to swing it around and around whacking Eli in the face.

Me: Cameron please don’t play with that.
Cameron: Oh, is it just for little boys to look at?(We often tell Cameron that some things aren’t to touch or play with, just to look at.)
Me: Um, not exactly. (Actually thinking “Heavens No!”)

11 thoughts on “Anecdote Time

  1. Way to start the morning off right. I laughed at this one! But I have to say thanks for the outline for what to say because I haven’t encounterd that one yet.


  2. Hilarious! Just the other day my nephew asked my sister where babies came from. He’s 5:) His final solution was that they hop in little matchbox cars and drive into the stomach. It works for now!


  3. I laughed so hard when I read this Jo! Jackson and I have had bra conversations too. One of them started when I walked into my bedroom to find both Jackson and James wearing sports bras around thier necks!


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