I always knew that parenting wasn’t going to be straightforward. But every once in awhile one of the boys does something so unexpected that Richard and I just kind of stare blankly at each other, thinking “What do we do about this?” Last night Richard put the boys to bed and a few minutes later Cameron came into our room asking Richard to get the “hills” out of his blanket. Over the next 20 minutes Richard and I were repeatedly called back to his room to get the “hills” out of his blanket. He was very distressed and could not be appeased. Finally, at my wits end I explained to Cameron that blankets just have “hills” and there was nothing else we could do. He seemed to finally surrender and we were all able to go to sleep.

We had another “Unphotographable” moment yesterday. The reason this moment was unphotographable was because if I had taken the time to get my camera the neighbor who witnessed the drama would have thought I was a negligent mother, and she would have been right. So the picture I didn’t take was:
Cameron on his bike, not pedaling, his face frozen in fear. He was yelling desperately for help while powerful gusts of dusty wind blew him down the sidewalk, at a speed much greater than he could ever achieve by pedaling. I raced toward him, blinded myself by wind and dust and rescued him from his bicycle that had been hijacked by mother nature.
Needless to say, a big wind storm had blown in rather suddenly. He was quite traumatized. I brought him inside and held him until he quit sobbing, and after that he just laid on the couch wrapped in his blanket. Of course by the time Richard came home he was as animated as ever, and told a dramatic version of the story to his Dad, proud he had survived.

This is Cama-lama on the dock up at Lucky Peak last weekend. This morning I overheard the following in Cameron’s bath. The rubber duck yells “Hit it!” to the plastic boat. Then the plastic boat goes “vrrooom!” and Cameron yells “Woo hoo!”

Cameron loved watching the “Olymp-kits” as he called them. His favorites were the diving and the racing. He competely changed his stance after he saw the real way runners “take your mark”. Cameron got some tools for Christmas last year and has always had trouble keeping his hard-hat on. So I just used one of my head-bands to help him out.

4 thoughts on “Cameron-isms

  1. Hey Jo! I saw your blog off of Michelle Binkley (Gibbs) blog. We finally moved to Boise and we are staying with my parents until we sell our house in Pocatello – ugh! We are hoping it sells fast!


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