Poor Little Eli-Pie

The last couple days have been miserable for Eli. He got a bad cold and we had a rough night followed by a rough day. It seems like you assume that after the newborn weeks pass, sleeping through the night will become a routine again. Are we unique in that that doesn’t seem to be the case around here? But Eli seems to be on the mend now. Here he is before he got sick.
Here he is yesterday, feeling quite lousy.

I don’t know if it is because Eli has been getting so much attention, but Cameron has had a major relapse in the potty training department. After four good months we are back at square one! He’s even in pull-ups, which he never really had to use before. Someone please tell me it will get better!
On a lighter note, Cameron has been calling me “Mama” lately instead of “Mommy”. I don’t really mind but Richard and I were curious about it. Cameron knows that Richard calls me Jo, and he and Eli call me Mom. So when Richard asked him about calling me “Mama” Cameron said “Should little boys call her “Jo-Mama”?

6 thoughts on “Poor Little Eli-Pie

  1. Hey Jo. Sounds typical for Cameron to relaps. Andrew did after I had Audrey but got back on track soon after. Just stick to the same routines of potty usage. And I love the Jo-mama. Too cute. O and the other blog’s comment here– I am actually a bit jealous that you have that book. I have been meaning to see if it was at the library. Let me know if it is as good as it seems.


  2. Sarah is STILL in Pull-Ups at night. But I would think it will get better with Cameron.Love the “Jo-Mama”! The funny things he says always put a smile on my face. Can we all start calling you “Jo-Mama”?


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