Okay so maybe that last post was a yawner, a little too philosophical? But don’t breath a sigh of relief too soon because I plan to follow up on those thoughts at a later date.

Meanwhile! Bronco football is the word around here. On Thursday Richard told Cameron that Saturday was “Game Day”. Cameron thought that meant we were going to the “game house” (Boondocks maybe?) and it took a good deal of persuasion and distraction to help him get over that let down.

Well Julie got tickets to the game last night and since Richard and I are both ISU alumni we couldn’t pass it up. Besides, even I can enjoy 3 1/2 hours of football on as pleasant of an evening as last night was. I was a little torn about who to cheer for, because Richard and I jumped on the BSU bandwagon as soon as we moved to Boise. But I have Bengal loyalty too. So I wore orange, how’s that for neutrality? And cheered for both teams. (Although I couldn’t cheer for ISU too loudly because we were sitting in the players’s guest area and I didn’t want to upset the numerous player girlfriends surrounding us.) I was happy to see ISU at least get on the scoreboard.
My two favorite moments from the game were courtesy of the Bronco Marching Band. (I guess I am a bando at heart afterall.) The first was the goosebumps I got during the Star Spangled Banner and the second was the wave of nostalgia that washed over me when the played the ISU fight song. Ahh the memories. They even spelled out ISU on the field. How hospitable! I enjoyed some actual football moments too I guess. 🙂 Oh and the mini donuts? Yum yum.

3 thoughts on “BSU vs. ISU

  1. Jo-I love reading your blogs. You’re a really good writer and you make your entries interesting, funny, and just real. That’s so fun you guys went to the BSU game! We watched it on TV last night. Not the same effect, but hey, it works.


  2. I am so jealous of you. Brent’s friend had tickets to one of the suite’s in the new addition. We couldn’t go because we were suppose to go to Cascade but we didn’t do that either because Reagan got sick! BOO! Another time…hopefully!


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