Calling all Internet Users

And obviously that includes anyone reading these words. Our internet service is up this month and I’m investigating other options. I thought about doing a cute little poll on my blog but I am so illiterate about internet services I didn’t know what to put for the choices. So fellow internet customers, who is happy with their service and who isn’t, and what is your service? Help a sista out!

8 thoughts on “Calling all Internet Users

  1. We used to have Cable One, but since we moved here, we weren’t available yet in their service so we couldn’t use them. I think our bill was $38/mo including the modem. We’re using ClearWire now and I’m really happy with them. They’re $35/mo including the modem. What’s sweet is that the modem just plugs right into your computer. Nobody has to come and install or do whatever. You just take this black boxy thing home and hook it up and whalla, INTERNET! There’s my whole spill for ya,hope it helps.


  2. We are Qwest patrons too. Gotta home phone and get free minutes between our home phone and cell phone. Good plan for us but mkb is right, unless you have a home phone, it wouldn’t really work out for you.


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