College football pretty much dominates our Saturdays in the fall. But last weekend was Art in the Park and so Richard compromised a little; a few hours looking at photos and paintings in the sunshine in exchange for a few hours of BYU vs. U Dub. (Which was a great game I must admit.)
This is me holding a snake that belonged to the man on the cell-phone. (He was a bit of shady character but Cameron thought it was pretty cool that I was holding a snake.)
Face painting… and toddler painting. Here we have Eli van Gogh…
and Cameron Rembrandt.

We had a great time. Richard enjoyed a Pronto Pup and I splurged on a crepe. It was a beautiful fall day and by the time we got to Gordon and Julie’s for the game I was ready to sit on a couch and relax for awhile.

3 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. Another year goes by and the Orrs forget again. We’ve been meaning to go to Art in the Park for 7 years now. As far as the snake goes…COOL! When I taught preschool, we had an Asian Boa, much smaller than the one you are holding, but fun. There was, however, the issue of a snake’s diet, eeww. Looks like everyone had a great time!


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