There You Have It

There has been much debate and discussion these past few weeks about the Proposition 8 in California and religion and such topics. I found myself feeling frustrated but completely unable to articulate my feelings. Richard shared the following link with me. It is an official statement made by the LDS Church, and I’ll warn you it is very long. But it is well worth the read. There are many facets to this issue that had never occurred to me, and never would have without someone bringing them to my attention. I love it because it is very well written, unashamedly declares truth, and refutes the arguments made against it. The Proclamation to the World on the Family asks ““We call upon responsible citizens… to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.” Give it a read.

3 thoughts on “There You Have It

  1. I had a few minutes before my study group and decided to give this “a read”. This is a topic that came up frequently in my Diversity in the Schools course last semester. I dreaded going because my instructor was extreemly liberal, as many of the university faculty is. I’ve already pictures books put into school classrooms with titles like, “I Have Two Dads”. I was taught in this particular class that homosexuality is considered a culture and by ignoring it in the classroom, you are ignoring who that student is. I don’t like the idea of my fourth grader coming home to tell my they had a discussion about homosexuality. One of the reasons I want to teach in Kuna is, I believe as a community it supports many of my moral beliefs. I can’t imagine having to teach something I strongly disagree with. Yet, I worry about what the Government will eventually “force” the teachers of my grandchildren to teach.


  2. I have a sister who really believes ( don’t worry, not lillie) that the church will have to change it’s policy and allow for gay marriage and yada yada…I believe the Church will change…NOT the doctrines or policies, but more of its members will be more christlike, understanding and kind…


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