Just Another Day in Paradise

Eli is an angel in many ways. He has me wrapped around his little finger with his elfin smiles and his lower-lip pucker kiss. He is really a pleasant toddler most days and I am told he is a Mama’s Boy. The other day while Cameron was at preschool I found Eli in this state. He had cuddled up to his blanket on the floor and fallen asleep. These are the kind of things that can only happen when the 3 year old is not present. But he looked so innocent. Each child has endearing qualities at different ages and right now Eli is just irresistable. Well, for the most part… Cameron never did anything like this. I foolishly believed it was good parenting. He knew better, we’d taught him better. But now I know it was a lot of luck and a lot of personality. He just didn’t have a destructive nature at that age. No coloring on walls, no pulling books off shelves over and over, no throwing my cell phone in a toilet, nothing like that.
Well thankfully modern technology has blessed us with things like washable crayons and magic eraser and taking care of Eli’s artwork which was ALL OVER was not too difficult. I guess part of the reason I was so frustrated was because I had just given myself a blister sharpening the box of colored pencils for the boys. (A blister from sharpening pencils!) And this is how they thank me. Alas, just another day in paradise.

8 thoughts on “Just Another Day in Paradise

  1. Cute baby napping! So precious.My 8yo, when he was 4, wrote his full name all over the walls in his bedroom so that “if we moved, people would know who lived here.” I think it’s funny, because I have lots of Magic Erasers. LOL Oh the things they do. But how can we expect a child to resist a great white wall when they have a pen/pencil/crayon/marker/colored pencil in hand? If I wasn’t supposed to be a mature adult I’d probably give in myself. ;o)


  2. yeah well my 3 yr old still colors and destroys everything. I think Eli is such a cute little kid, when I watched him it was hard not to want to cuddle him and squeeze him, he is just too cute, so is Cameron, I love his little voice. they are both great kids, and YES it is from great parenting on both your ends!


  3. I am giggling…Remembering when Maddi at our last house in Alabama took a sharpy(sp?) and ran down the hall back and forth…ughhh Magic Eraser could not even use its magic! They were not to forgiving on the Military base when we checked out:) Fun times. Fun Times;)


  4. Sarah loved to express her artistic side all over the house. Sometimes Magic Eraser worked, sometimes, it would just rub off the paint. I miss my kids being little but I don’t miss the pictures on the walls!Eli is so cute curled up with his blankie!


  5. Jo, it is so good to find out how you are! I am glad you found me, whoever you used to get to us. 🙂 Your kids are so cute! I also love your craft ideas! I may just have to copy your halloween block ideas! So cute! What part of Kuna are you in? My cousin lives over there and didn’t know if you are in her ward… Stefanie Messer…. Anyway, keep in touch!


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