Off we go…

into the wild blue yonder. Saturday was the Gunfighter Skies Air Show at the Mountain Home Air Force Base. You can’t get much better than that for a 3 year old boy who loves airplanes and all things that vroom.
As usual a highlight for me was the national anthem. They had a jumper with an American flag attached to his parachute who gracefully coasted down through the sky while a quartet sang the anthem. It was great. I’m not sure why the national anthem just gets to me. This is a C-17 I think. It is a huge aircraft that the Wings of Blue jumpers jumped out of. This isn’t the one in the air show. They had various planes all around that you could go inside or look at up close. Actually the C-17 in the air show was from McCord AFB in Tacoma, where Bryan is stationed. (We thought of you all day Bry.)
This is Cameron and his friend Lizzie, the daughter of friends of ours who live in Mountain Home and met up with us for the show.
I didn’t get many decent pictures of the aircraft in the sky. Too fast and too far away I guess. But we all loved the Apache helicopters. They played out a scene with three apaches making a “rescue”. It was pretty neat.
Eli did not like the F-15 airplanes. They were very loud and he was very scared I guess. We had a good time though and I’m sure Cameron will be begging to go back.

5 thoughts on “Off we go…

  1. I didnt go to the airshow here in Twin, but since I live out by the airport, we got a free view of the practices, which Josi loved. I am totally with you on the national anthem, I always feel the spririt and get overwhelmed enough to cry.


  2. The first time we went to the Air Show in Mtn Home is one of my favorite family memories…kids sitting in the fighter jets, getting to see inside those big aircraft, and everthing else. Sounds like you had a great time!So Bryan is in the military??? How is he doing? You can email me at saffl at hotmail dot com. Tell him hello for me.


  3. Hello lil’ lady…We were there too. I did not run into you..sad. I saw the pugmires and quigley’s! We would have known I would have all met up. Wes gave the Quigleys a tour and let them crawl all over the aircraft..Darn next time! Did you guys get burnt?Nikki


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