Can’t think of anything clever, not that my post titles are ever clever…(but ever clever rhymes!)

I’ve returned from another blogging hiatus. The last one didn’t actually count, I exercised no self-restraint. This time I took a week-long vacation from the computer almost entirely. I allowed myself two computer visits which I used mostly for banking and checking my email. Upon my return to my google reader this evening I was slightly overwhelmed, and wanting to avoid the bad habits I had just devoted a very tempting seven days trying to break, I just “marked as read”. Sorry fellow bloggers, the last week of your lives went unnoticed by me. Is it a little ridiculous for me to think that matters?

Anyway, luckily I was informed by Julie that I had been tagged by herself and Laura. If I was tagged by anyone else, I apologize for not being aware. After writing 101 things about myself this seems a little redundant, but I will try to be original.

10 Years Ago I…
1- was in the beginning of my junior year of high school
2- played crash cymbals in the marching band. I still get nostalgic this time of year when I can hear the Centennial marching band practicing from my parent’s backyard
4- Am I old? I can’t remember anything else…
5 things on my “to do” list today
1-clean out the garage
2- cut the boys’s hair
3- finish writing the primary program
4- finish freezing my peaches
5-respond to emails
5 Snacks that I enjoy…
1- Popcorn
2- chips and salsa (I had a new and very delicious salsa this weekend)
3- protein bars (this is a new and unusual? treat)
4-brownies mushed in ice cream, Coldstone style
5- Candy
5 things I would do if I were a millionaire…
1- hire a lobbyist to move and shake for easier international adoptions (do foreign governments allow for lobbyists?)
2- pay off a house
3- travel
4- invest (because Richard would make me)
5 places I have lived…
1- Provo, UT
2- Boise, ID
3- Fairfax, VA
4-Pocatello, ID
5-Kuna, ID
5 jobs I have had…
1- Dairy Queen
2- Deseret Industries (Here’s to you Lily!)
3- ISU Early Learning Center (daycare)
4- Roaring Springs
5- Dental offices

As I wrote this it seemed familiar, have I done this post before?
I tag ____________. (Anyone who wants to do this post insert your name here.)

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