Richard’s cousin Wendy invited us up to her parent’s cabin for the weekend. Thanks Larry and Janie for hosting!

In the pool pile is Tyler, Bryton, Richard, Ethan and Austin. Richard got his workout for the day.

Cameron had a great time, and although I don’t have a picture, even Eli enjoyed some pool-time.

Uncle Larry took Cameron and for a ride on the 4-wheeler out to see the horses.

Eli got to ride along with me. Don’t panic grandmas, we went very slowly.

It was so beautiful up there. Cameron was nurtured and loved dearly by Whitney and Olivia. Thanks girls!

Eli fell in love with this little gray stuffed kitty. But don’t tell Tyler.

There were so many things for Cameron to do, Richard and I were able to watch conference in peace. (For the most part.) It was a blissful getaway. We were treated so well and asked nothing in return. It had me feeling guilty…

One thought on “Donnelly

  1. No feeling guilty! It was great having you guys up there. I was feeling guilty for being so preoccupied with making those cards. We need to do it again when I have no deadlines to meet!


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