A boy and his dog

Around here, we all seem to have a love-hate relationship with Misha. Well except for with Richard, subtract the love part. And we don’t ever hate her, we just get frustrated. I love her because I feel safer with her here when Richard is gone. I love her because she jogs with me. And I love her because she is a beautiful and loyal dog. I dislike her when she chews, digs and acts like the puppy that she is. (And I’m still grossed out by her large canine bowel products.)

Cameron loves her when she plays with him and sometimes when she licks him. And Eli loves her through a glass door. But they both get knocked over sometimes by her over-zealous efforts at affection, resulting in some tension in the relationship.

This video is from a few weeks ago but I forgot about it until today when Cameron and Misha were playing this game again. It goes on for over a minute (I try to use one minute as my time limit for a blog video) but for Richard and grandparent’s who can’t get enough of their posterity, enjoy!

10 thoughts on “A boy and his dog

  1. That is so funny Jo! I love how excited he is when he grabs it, then the frustration in his grunts as Misha fights back. Also, it’s adorable to hear Eli’s little footsteps in the background puttering around!


  2. Jo,No it is I that is indebted to you by the way. Thanks for your instant friendship through only a few scrapbooking nights! When I move back I hope to still have them even if I have to banish dh to the upstairs! Adorable video– I sure to miss that kid. You inspired me to put a video up too. O and Andrew says hi!


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