Apple Pickin’

Being friends with someone who for all intents and purposes is a professional photographer definitely has its advantages. But when hanging out with said friend, I feel a little inadequate pulling out my “point and shoot” archaic camera. Yes it is digital, I’m somewhat with the times, but it doesn’t exactly fit in an Altoid tin if you know what I mean.

But thankfully, Krista is very thoughtful and took pictures for me. Here are a few, but to really capture the event check out Krista’s blog. It will make an autumn lover out of you in no time. And if you are already an autumn lover, her pictures will confirm and deepen your autumn affection.

We went to an apple orchard and picked apples, then took a hayride to a pumpkin patch and the boys each picked a pumpkin. Cameron loved the apples. Eli took a bite out of several apples, but my little Eli is a bit clumsy and the apple inevitably found its way to the dirt before he could finish it.

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