Eli was a horse, obviously. But not just any horse, a BRONCO of course!

Cameron was Dash, the “superherio”. (Said like Cheerio.)
He really wanted some pictures in action.
This one of Eli was an accidental treasure.
You have to click on it to get the full effect of his heart-melting smile.
We were so glad to have Richard home for Halloween this year.
He didn’t dress up though, so he took the picture for us.
My “costume” was a total last-minute-throw-something-together-just-for-fun costume.

14 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. For work I get to see a LOT of pictures like that, and I cringe when I see that people have let them go for a long time and soon they have a large flood. I’m sorry it happened to you guys, but we to be proactive and have the drywall removed etc. Smart choice.


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