I love me… I love me not… I love me!

Striking a balance between self-confidence and humility has consumed my thoughts various times in the last few years, but especially of late.

I’ve recently been following the blog written by the sister of Stephanie Nielson who was burned terribly, along with her husband, in a plane crash in August. I’ve spent some time looking at Stephanies blog and been impressed, and changed, by two themes.

The first is the relationship Stephanie had with her husband. They had four kids but were still “madly in love”. As cliché as it sounds, it best describes the impression the blog gives. It didn’t hurt that they were both very attractive people, but nonethess I believe the strength of their bond will sustain them during this time.

The second attribute of Stephanie that I have determined to work towards it self-confidence. Like I said, Stephanie is beautiful. She had no inhibitions about posting pictures of herself. She seemed so secure.

What I want to say here, is that I want to be like Stephanie. But I fear judgement. We are women, we are hard on ourselves and often hard on others. Is it possible for me to believe in my own beauty without being labeled as vain?

Desperatly I want to share a sisterhood of blogging women where we can cheer on one anothers efforts to be accepting of our individuality.

In my own blog there are undertones of insecurity. I believe that one of the reasons we blog, without admitting it, is to show others that our lives are better, happier and “funner” than maybe even we think they are. Blogs are notorious for bragging. Seriously so Blessed wouldn’t be so funny if the stereotype were unfounded.

My own personal goal is emanate self-confidence, without crossing the line into self-absorption. My intentions are the best test of my standing. When I blog out of insecurity it is more likely to come across as arrogance. I hope that when I am able to relinquish my self-doubts, my sincerity will be apparent.

I want to be proud of me, without being PROUD of me.

8 thoughts on “I love me… I love me not… I love me!

  1. Jo, you are so awesome! Every post you do is simply wonderful! Looking at you and your blog it just feels good to know there are people out there who feel so much like I do! Thanks for another good one! I am a guilty party in the blog bragging… dang it.


  2. So…this will sound cocky but it really isn’t meant to be that way. I have found the way for me to be proud of myself for who I am and what I stand for sometimes I have to sound arrogant. Don’t get me wrong I feel as though I am pretty humble about myself but like you think most girls have self-confidence problems. At first I always said how “cool” I was or how “pretty” I was or whatever the cause may be so I would believe it. Now I do believe it, for the most part. Every now and then, I let people know how cool I am. Like one of my posts a month or so back where I told the guy I work with that I think I am the most awesome person ever. I truly believe if people told themselves how awesome, gorgeous, cool, etc they are then they would eventually believe it. Plus I think you are pretty freakin cool, I always have. Plus one of you has to be cool right? JK Richard is pretty cool too. Now if I could just get over my being totally petrified of people…hmmmm


  3. That is a hard line to determine of whether someone is bragging or just proud and confident. Why is it that women have such a hard thing with self confidence? It doesn’t seem fair.


  4. How did you do that? How did you get the post outside of the box? I really do enjoy your insightful posts just as much as your funny ones. They have brought me to thinking deeper than red light green light moments of kiddy games. Funny though I was just thinking how my more spiritual study is often done when my hubby was gone or is gone. Your insights remind me of what I would think about the last two years. That is a sad fact that I am more spritual without my husband around than having him here. I need to work on that and incorporate my learning with him I guess. Wow this is a post worth of comments. Sorry.


  5. You have every reason to be self confident. You are insanely beautiful, are successful, a great writer, have a beautiful family and have a deep sense of who you are. I would say we beat ourselves up too much as well. I think if everyone did yoga we would all be more accepting of ourselves on all levels, physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially!!! hahaha. But really even though blogs make our lives sound “perfect” we all know they aren’t…we ALL have trials. I blog for a journal and scrapbooking sake…and I figure I wouldn’t be scrapbooking about feeling PMSy or an argument with my husband so I guess I don’t feel bad blogging about it either…some things are better are off forgotten and some things are better off remembered. Like all the good times, fun pictures, funny faces, and precious moments of life. Those are my thoughts…


  6. Great post. I love how honest you are. I need to work on that. I am definitely guilty of posting the “fun” things about my life and avoiding the not so fun things. You give me lots to think about!


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