Game Day

Usually we go to Gordon and Julie’s for the BSU games, but yesterday I had the practice for the primary program and Richard had a honey-do list about a mile long.

He took a break to watch the game for awhile and apparently (I was still at the practice) Eli went and got his little red chair and sat down to watch the game.

This must have been when the score was 14-0.
This must have been when the score was 28-0.
Bummer you missed Utah State’s “comeback” Eli.

It’s funny because before I take a picture that I am planning to post, I make sure everything is clean and looks nice. But what for? What was it I was saying about aunthenticity…
Anyway, Richard took these pictures and I was just glad because he isn’t really one to take pictures. He even had a blog post in mind.

What a treat to have your participation in the blog Richard.

(If I were actually saying this to him, I wouldn’t say ‘Richard’. But I’m not quite comfortable putting his pet name on here.)

** Side note: Richard graciously pointed out that I spelled “Plumber” like this: “Plummer.” Embarrassing! Sorry Dad if I’ve disappointed you. I guess I was thinking along the lines of Jake Plummer, classmate of my brother’s, and great athlete.

7 thoughts on “Game Day

  1. Huh, I didn’t even notice that you’d spelled plumber wrong. Maybe it’s one of those “you see what you expect to see” and I never would expect you to make such a gross spelling error 🙂 So you should feel comforted that maybe people think so highly of your writing abilities, their subconcious minds won’t even allow the possibility of mistakes!


  2. How cute. A little Bronco fan. I am impressed that you straighten up before taking pictures. I am lucky to get the picture. I would never get any pictures if I had to clean up first, but everytime I see all the clutter in my pictures I wish I would have straightened up. Something to put on my “To work on” list.


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