Appreciation: A Human Need?

Sunday was the primary program. I invested a lot of time, effort and anxiety in the program this year and I was nervous. It was wonderful thanks to the wonderful children, teachers and leaders.

Marisa is our primary president and Sunday morning she brought by this corsage and a card.

(The flowers were financed by the husbands but inspired by Marisa. I thought I better give credit where credit was due.)

She gave me a note of thanks and love. It was nourishment for my soul. Feeling appreciated does so much for me.

I occasionally get the urge to let someone who has made my life better know it. But I usually ignore it, and justify my laziness by thinking “He/She doesn’t care”.

In an effort to show more gratitude, and in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I am adding a gadget to my blog. Just a daily “THANKS” to a kindred spirit whose actions or existence bring me happiness in some way. Hopefully, taking time to think of such a person will motivate me to share my appreciation with them. No justifications allowed.

(And by the way. It is still a little… um… hard(?) for me to look at this picture of myself and to put it on here. What does that mean?)

13 thoughts on “Appreciation: A Human Need?

  1. Jo, you look absolutely beautiful! I thought it was fitting that the primary presidency all had corsages. It’s a lot of work planning, practicing, and putting on a primary program and those of you in the background did a wonderful job. The kids, of course, did great and many parents and grandparents that were there enjoyed the program. However, for future reference, Max does not have the capability to tell a story in only 30 seconds.


  2. Girl- I’ll tell you what, you have been so inspiring lately. Every post gives me something to really think about and try to do better, and that picture is darling. You are a babe! You need to start loving yourself more, it’s a commandment JO! (I know I cant talk, but it was our lesson in YW on Sunday)


  3. I totally think appreciation is a human need. It always raises my spirits. And I don’t think it means anything.. we hold ourselves to a different “picture standard” than everyone else. I can’t remember the last picture I posted of myself. (Part of that is because I am always the photographer, part because the few pictures taken of me, I don’t like.)


  4. What a great Idea, it feels so good to feel appreciated. I don’t know why but for me it seems hard to accept a complement or thank you. I tend to try and justify and act like things aren’t a big deal, but sometimes they are, like your primary program. Compliments and thank yous are always needed! The flowers are beautiful and I think it’s a great picture!!


  5. What a great idea Jo! I think it’s important to show thanks this time of year, and everybody always likes to hear those things. In the words of one of my primary kids “This season (Christmas and Thanskgiving) isn’t just about the presidents.” πŸ™‚


  6. Jo, you deserve many a hand fulls of compliments and a good thank you from you will go a long way! You are wonderful in so many ways and the picture of you is great! (It must have been taken after the program- you have a big smile on your face!) The program went more than perfect- Thank you for all your hard work!


  7. It’s a beautiful picture of you! How nice of your friend to thank you for your efforts – it really does mean something, doesn’t it?Thanks for posting this – it’s reminded me to not just be thankful for the people in my life, but to tell them so!


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