Moving on…

Whenever I have a post that just flops, meaning I get little response, it is almost painful to let it just sit there, doing whatever it was that silenced the readers. So just for the sake of pushing that yawner/offender down the screen I dug up a couple pictures to change the scenery and the subject.

(Boy are we glad his eyes straightened out…)

Today I saw this quote and I panicked. “Blogging – Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.”

Have I gotten too carried away with myself? Is it time for another hiatus?

12 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. A hiatus? Goodness, no! I know there are people that read my blog but I hardly ever get comments. I keep going b/c I know there are a few that read my boring blogs but it’s a way of journaling and getting some of my jumbled thoughts out, so I keep going. I read your “granola” post earlier today but just didn’t have time to reply right then. I have had the same thoughts as you about that topic. It’s nice to read the thoughts of someone that can express them better than I can!Anyway, this is too long….bottom line – don’t quit. Yours is one of my favorite blogs to read. You have made me think about alot of things! Keep your chin up!


  2. I feel that way sometimes about my blog too, when I don’t get many comments. I just chalk it up to a)they didn’t have anything to say about it, b) They didn’t know how to respond to it, or c)it was thought provoking and required some time to think about a response. No hiatus for you! Keep writing!Sarah had a crooked eye after she was born. We were worried about it because she looked really weird. In fact, she was kind of an ugly baby for the first 3 months! But, I look at her now and I wouldn’t ever think she was ever funny looking!I think I have told you once before already that you and Richard produce beautiful babies and you should have about 10 of them!


  3. NOOOOO! I read your blog faithfully. Remember– it is the silent little acts of service that mean the most. You really do a great job and if I don’t comment that just means you really got me thinking and probably down the road I will do my own post about just the very topic you are having a canundrum about. And post like this brighten my day and make me smile. Thanks Jo!


  4. Comments shouldn’t be an indicator of whether or not you suceed or fail. Otherwise my blog is a total flop, averaging a comment a post. At least I like to think it is not a flop. Love the crooked eye…


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