Pet Peeve

Awhile ago my MIL, Julie, tagged me and the subject of the tag was pet peeves. I’ve been thinking about it for a little while and today it hit me.

Sadly, I discovered my pet peeve by noticing it in myself and being very annoyed.

We were having a staff meeting this afternoon and it was resembling a family dinner. We were all making jokes/points/arguments and the decibal level was gradually rising as each person tried to be heard over the chaos. (For anyone who has to attend staff meetings you are probably predicting that this meeting was inefficient and looooong, and you are right, it was. Most staff meetings are.) But anyway.

Back to the point-

My pet peeve is when someone says something in a situation like this and if they don’t get the response they wanted (everyone’s attention or laughter) they keep saying it. They say it again because they delude themselves into thinking that they didn’t elicit the desired response because people didn’t hear. Well, people did hear but they just didn’t care or think it was funny. So the person repeats it.

And tries again, a little louder.

And then says it one more time.

That’s what I did today. After I left the meeting I was annoyed and embarrassed. Most likely all my co-workers have forgotten about my pathetic persistence. But it is my pet peeve. I know better.

So let’s hear them people. What are your pet peeves? Time to name names. I tag Jaymie, Jill, Katie, Lisa, Jodi, Chandra, Kristina and Liberty.

8 thoughts on “Pet Peeve

  1. That totally annoys me. What I hate too is when you say something and nobody gives the reaction, but then somebody else says the SAME thing and gets a reaction…grr. I guess some people can tell em’ and some can’t (that one is for the Birds).


  2. I am guilty of doing that sometimes. When I catch myself, I wish I could take it back! We are in town until early Monday AM and would love to see you. Mike’s farewell is at 9:30 am at the Duncan Ln building. We could see you then or if you want to come up to my parents’ house after, we are skipping SS for some treats and you’re welcome to come. 🙂


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