Family Time

This last week was a whirlwind of relatives. Bryan (brother who recently returned from Iraq) and his wife Brit came last Sunday and Adri (sister in Vegas), Will, Charlie and Antonia arrived somewhere between sunset on Monday and sunrise on Tuesday.

It was an exceptionally great week. Being the sentimental type, I thrive on get togethers like this. And though I’m not sure why, this week will hold especially fond memories.

We just found some ways to have a really good time. A holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without a service project instigated by my mother. I’m not sure how she got the fellas to tie a quilt…

Lori and Sean, being clever as they are, came up with a personalized version of JEOPARDY that no explanation here would give justice to. It was awesome.

Cameron and Charlie strengthened their cousin bond. Each morning Cameron begged to go back to “Baca’s” house to play with Charlie again. Today was the sad day that Charlie departed.

And of course we spent many hours in the kitchen preparing and then devouring. One night Richard hooked his computer up to the “big screen” and we spent hours watching our favorite YouTube videos. One of these days I’ll share some of the best laughter-producers.

So friends, another holiday season has begun. If I can get a picture from Brittany I’ll do an entire post about Black Friday. I bet you can’t wait!


7 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Looks like a great time with family! I love seeing my kids with their cousins. They get so excited when they know they are going to see them. I hope they stay close for a good long time!And, I really can’t wait til your post on Black Friday! We experienced last week that going late, you miss out on most of those good sales but people are soooo much nicer!


  2. Great pictures! Could I get my hands on some of those? Also lovin’ me some hippo song, and actually had one of my piano students ask if I had the music so she could play it for the Christmas recital.


  3. Wow! I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve seen some of your siblings. Time sure flies. I didn’t know your brother, which I’m sure was in earlier posts, was in Iraq. . . how great to have him home. Good times. I love family get togethers.


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