Leaping out of my comfort zone

In an effort to follow the advice of Dr. Laura to “be my husband’s girlfriend” and inspired by NieNie, the hopeless romantic, I bought…


Go ahead and ask my sisters if I am the “heels” type.

Well, you don’t even have to. I will tell you right here that I have never owned, borrowed or tried on anything like these.

Tonight after putting the boys to bed I shut all the blinds to practice walking in them.


Friday is my office Christmas party and Saturday is Richard’s.

I also got a not-so-flattering black dress to go with them. (It was only $10.)

What do you think, bright pink nylons to tie it all together?

19 thoughts on “Leaping out of my comfort zone

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha. O my I got a great laugh this moring. Just what I needed. Not that your shoes are laughable but the attempt to wear them. You are brave. I don’t think I’ve worn heels that tall since my wedding. But they were thick so it wasn’t too bad to walk in them. I think you need to post the complete outfit/picture!


  2. I LOVE the shoes! I have a pair of red shoes that I wear quite often to “spice” up an outfit. I’m thinking a red/hot pink scarf or something would be fabulous:)


  3. JO JO – i would LOVE to see this! i know that you will look adorable! but pink tights?…. i was thinking more like some LIME GREEN- ya know.. for the holidays! šŸ™‚ love you girl can’t wait to see the pics!


  4. It’s amazing what a pair of heels can do for a woman! Your husband won’t be able to control himself when he sees you! Maybe you’ll have to skip out on the parties! Make sure the kids are at someone elses house!!! (hee,hee!) I want to see the whole outfit. You’ll be so stunning!


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