Tonight is the Night

I chickened out last night and didn’t wear my new heels. BUT WAIT! There were two good reasons. (That’s for you Hall gang.)

1. The dress I got to go with the shoes (or vis-versa) has sequins and the photographer specifically asked that no one wear anything “sparkly” for the office picture.

2. Our office picture was at 3:00 and the dinner was at 5:30. I just didn’t feel prepared for a six hour heels marathon that included treking around Kathryn Albertson Park. (I’m just not that smooth yet.) In fact, a MALE coworker of mine told me the way I was walking made me look like I was in pain. And those shoes don’t even count as heels. Sigh.

But tonight I will go all out and I promise to take pictures. Meanwhile:

I was the benefactor of good Karma. My grateful heart came full circle when I found a plate of cookies on my porch the other day with these thank you cards from some girls at church. Thanks girls, it made my day!

2 thoughts on “Tonight is the Night

  1. Don’t feel too bad about the heels. James says you can tell if a woman is “high maintenance” by the size of her heels. It just goes to show that you aren’t a demanding woman or someone hard to please! 🙂


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