As promised — but altered: BLACK FRIDAY

I’m going blog-wild here. Three posts in one day. I am reluctant to do this because I feel like if there are too many at once, it diminishes the value of each one. (Do I flatter myself?) Especially with wordy posts like this, one is usually plenty to digest. But oh well. I’m in the mood.

Before I had an epiphany this is what I was GOING to post about Black Friday:

I love Black Friday. The last few years I have gone shopping with my mom (and sisters/sister-in-law here and there) and have really enjoyed it. We wake up early, not the earliest of the earlies, but about 5:30am and off we go.

I love it because I think that the buzz in the air is the perfect kickoff for the Christmas season. I have heard stories about grouchy people and grumpy women fighting over dishes, but to date I have not witnessed such scrooginess myself.

I also love it for the good deals. Oddly enough I rarely buy Christmas presents on BF. I usually splurge on something for myself (justifiable because it’s so CHEAP) or clothes for the boys (outfitting their entire winter wardrobe for half price).

Ultimately though, I love it for the same reasons we all love traditions.

This year all the girls met up for breakfast at Goldy’s in downtown Boise and it was a great way to wrap up a LONG morning.

BUT THEN this morning I had an epiphany and now I want to say THIS about Black Friday.

I heard on the news that it is official that we are in a recession. I know that wasn’t exactly a shocker, from my point of view it was obvious. People I know have lost their jobs, the dental office where I work is having a high rate of cancellations, homes are in foreclosure, wall street is diving. Hard times.

Next on the news came word that Black Friday sales had not only exceeded expectations, but they were higher than last year. Wait…

America, we have a problem.

No matter that President Elect told us to “tighten our belts”. We are addicted to spending. We are consumed with consumerism. We are greedy for a bargain. My sister declined the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy this year. She said that because she loves good deals, shopping on BF for her is like sending an alcoholic into a bar.

Unfortunately I think I have that problem too. I think as a nation we have that problem. A man lost his life because of that problem. I think my sister was wise to exercise restraint before she lost control.

Now I’m not sure what to think of Black Friday.

6 thoughts on “As promised — but altered: BLACK FRIDAY

  1. I was totally shocked that BF numbers were higher than last year also. We have gone out for the past 2 years, but we go mostly to have a girls day. I don’t feel like we are big spenders on BF. I haven’t yet bought anything that was a huge bargain. SO I do think people get suckered into thinking they are getting great deals, but are they really? I agree, We as a nation do have a problem.


  2. I agree there is a problem but I dont think it is black Friday. Optimistically thinking– we need to still support the businesses because in the long run they are what our economy is all about. Consumerism is the main problem. More people want NOW what their parents took twenty years to finally achieve. I like to remind myself that if I spend the money on something silly now I am depriving my future self of that money later on. Yes, tighten the belt but find a way to responsibly help build the economy also.


  3. I agree- you are not just average Jo! I have a lot of the same thoughts about BF. I love the excitement with the whole day but feel guilty thinking it’s ok to spend money that day because it’s all on sale! If you go broke spending your money on things that were on sale, did you really save money? Does that make sense? I still think we need to support businesses but don’t go overboard!


  4. My theory is that more people waited for the bargains of Black Friday to do their shopping this year, rather that do it more slowly, because it was advertised that the deals would be like no other. I am anxious to see whether the trend continues throughout December, though.


  5. i have gone the last 3 years with my mom and love it. you are right about it being the kickoff to christmas. i love the feeling in the air. what a fun idea to go out to breakfast afterwards:) ill have to remember that:)i feel the same about shopping in general, if you don’t have the money to spend then why are people spending it?!?! i agree with sara that too many people are trying to have now what has taken their parents 20 years to accumulate. we live in a jealous, greedy world and even though people are struggling to get by, they are still going to buy huge christmas presents on their credit cards and go into more debt for it. its sad.


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