Some folks spend the Saturday after Thanksgiving decorating their house for Christmas. We usually do. But this year we spent that Saturday creating chaos.

I also managed to raise the stress-level around here by leaving the bathroom sink on and flooding the hallway. Really stupid mistake, but really good timing! Luckily it was part of the plan to replace that flooring.

Fortunately, our house has been repaired enough that yesterday we could get a Christmas tree. (After a quick lunch at DQ – Grill & Chill.)

This week the boys and I are road-trippin’ it up to Spokane to be with Richard. I am determined to be blog-free all week.

6 thoughts on “Mid-Renovation

  1. Blog free for a week? Wow! Well, thanks for entering to win the fingerless gloves on my blog. May your hands be warmed by soft, cozy fingerless mitts in no time.Holli


  2. What a fun trip – the giant wagon is especially impressive. And you looked so nice for the Cmas party. I think it’s so necessary to have something fancy to do once in a while.


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