I underestimated you Spokane

Richard’s travel can be a gloomy cloud at times. But ever striving to be an optimist I am always looking for the silver lining. This week we found the silver lining in a company paid hotel room in Spokane where Richard was on business. Here are some of the highlights from the week, filled with pictures and details only a grandma will appreciate.

I have a vivid memory of driving with my dad up through the palouse in northern Idaho on our way to Coeur d’ Alene when I was a kid. We were listening to Enya and I was mesmerized by the rolling hills. It is a travel memory I relish.

I was blessed with another such experience on my drive up to Washington. We were in the Blue Mountains of Oregon and the boys were both sleeping. Richard was already in Spokane so I was driving alone and enjoying the quiet. (Yes, I took that picture while driving, but no one’s life was endangered.) I put in Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” and this picture doesn’t do it justice of course, but the scenery was a winter wonderland. Christmas spirit indeed! It was heavenly. I wish you could have been with me Dad.

The hotel had a safari motif and the boys loved this wild chair.

Swimming in the hotel pool of course….It was also and educational vacation.

Our countless elevator rides gave Cameron many opportunities to identify numbers.

He loved pushing the buttons.

A giant red-flyer wagon. What fun!

They were as interested in the ducks and geese as they were in the slide.

Unfortunately where there are ducks and geese, there is duck and goose poop.

I did not enjoy cleaning that off little boy shoes.

Well by golly we will find a carosel in every city.

It has to be one of Cameron’s greatest pleasures in life. Room service! We only indulged in this luxury once, because room service is undoubtedly the most overpriced food there is. But it was really good, and really convenient.

Spokane, I am sorry I underestimated what you have to offer. We never lacked entertainment. Also included in our vacay: lazy mornings watching cartoons together, PF Changs, Mobius Children’s Museum, visit to Santa Claus at the mall, taking the boys to “Madagascar 2” at the theater, and what should have been a six hour drive back to Kuna that took 10 HOURS because of snowy roads.

10 thoughts on “I underestimated you Spokane

  1. My sister lives in Spokane and I didn’t realize they had such a fun looking park! I’ll have to ask her about it next time we go.I love the pic of the boys asleep in their car seats. I was impressed you got such a good one in such a split second shot!


  2. Did you ride the sky tram over the falls? That is where Jef proprosed to me. He wanted to do it in the big red wagon but I was not cooperating. But if you ask him when do I? I am glad you had fun.


  3. Jo- I just found your blog again; I sent you our Christmas card today and was feeling really bad for not catching up with you guys yet.I’m a bit jealous of your trip over the palouse. At times I really miss living in Pullman. Sorry about the long trip in the snow. DH was in Pasco on Friday and I was worried he wouldn’t make it back home. He did, after 7 1/2 hours compared to 5. Yikes!


  4. I love when you get to make fun memories like that! You’ll forever remember the little moments like the wild chair in the hotel before you’ll remember the wild attitude they had in some store or at church!


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