4 thoughts on “our renovated living space

  1. I think yellow walls are great; so much so that painted my kitchen walls yellow a few years back. It keeps the room bright and I think makes the room look bigger. Everything else looks great too. I love that you have carpet where the furniture is and the wood flooring in the traffic areas and halls. Looks great Jo!


  2. I love the yellow walls, I think yellow always brightens up a room!! And it goes with so many things as well!It is so funny, it seems like any ward my sister moves into, there is always someone from high school that knows me and knows she is my sister right away. The when I was in Boise a hostess at a restaurant was saying how he couldn’t believe how much me and both my sisters who were with me looked a like. It’s funny how much other people see things like that better than you do yourself. kind of like growing or changing as you get older, you don’t notice it, but but others do. Anyways…sorry that was long!!


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