Me, smiling

This morning Cameron went back to preschool. Eli was asleep when he left so after waking up and not finding him he asked for “Cam-uhn” relentlessly. All morning, all around the house “Cam-uhn…. Cam-uhn.” At last Cameron came home and a little later I realized while Eli was missing him so much.

Cameron was playing with his cars on the hallway floor and Eli was trying to get his attention. (The same way Cameron repeatedly says “Mom, Mom, Mom MOMMY! to get mine.)

“Cam-uhn, Cam-uhn…. Cam-uhn.


He gets right in Cameron’s face and Cameron finally says



“Oh, you need your blankie?”

Cameron then gets up from his cars and goes into their bedroom to retrieve Eli’s blanket from his crib, where it was out of his reach. Cameron then goes back to his cars and resumes his play.

Eli notices me across the room watching the whole thing unfold. He says “bankie” and gives me a grateful and contended smile.

A simple thing, yes. The kind of thing that only a mother can appreciate.

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