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When Cameron was about nine months old we would sit him on our laps while we were at the computer.
Unfortunately his “typing” was inconvenient at the least, destructive at worst.
I quickly remedied the situation with a trip to the DI and what I believed to be my best $1.25 purchase ever.

(Cameron & Richard January 2007) Cameron has recently started playing a Curious George game on the computer. It is very complicated, it involves the “up” arrow and the “down” arrow. Anyway- today Eli was feeling very left out while Cameron played and was distracting me from my project.

So in a moment of genius I jumped from my craft table, dug out the $1.25 keyboard and Eli and Cameron played happily for nearly 40 minutes.

(Is that too long to let Cameron play the Curious George shape game?)

I know that giving the younger child an artificial device and letting him believe he is actually playing the game is the oldest trick in the book. But that is not going to stop me from using it.

I have high hopes that keyboard will continue to serve me well.

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